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Pneumatic tablet press

Type TP 5+1-2500

natural products

Organic products

We have far higher demands on the corresponding end product than is the case in the conventional area.

Areas of application:

  • nutritional supplement
  • veterinary medicine
  • Laboratory, research, industry, pharmacies & natural pharmaceuticals
service light and uncomplicated, the press can work unmanned
cleaning easy cleaning
processing natural substances possible. Properties: resinous
Minimization of additives Example:
Very little to no magnesium stearate to match the molding compound, the degree of purity, as a product result
conversion easily with trained personnel
Filling quick and easy
Electricity Without
Static and Discharge None
Construction High-quality, stainless steel, chrome-plated, galvanized. Purchased parts from leading manufacturers
Site No special requirement

Powered with air (no power connection).
The tablet press is suitable for small and medium-sized series of up to 3000 pieces per hour and for research and development.
It is built on a round cylinder with 5 stations and a press ram. Due to the air pressure, it is possible that the pressing process does not start suddenly, but builds up slowly, which is particularly advantageous for natural products.

The natural structure is preserved.

Further information on the natural products and their properties - resinous...

The powder is supplied via three stations and a special device that gravity feeds the powder into the tablet shaft.
The tablet weight can be preset and readjusted during the pressing process. The pressing force can be set centrally on the control panel and can be readjusted during pressing.

The machine can be operated by one person and unmanned.

Technical specifications

Depth 650mm
Width 650mm
Height 1600mm
weight approx. 300kg
Sound very smooth running
Press force 7 tons
Tablet size up to 25 Ø mm
Feed tube 15 - 25 mm
piece 2500 - 3000 per hour
Stamp shape any, versatile
Energy connection air 6 - 10 bar, no power connection

The technical data contained in this product represent optimal parameters and depend on product quality and machine settings.
Maximum compression force and output varies with tablet and punch size, material, additives and flow rate.

We meet the safety regulations of the metal trade association and the corresponding machine directives.

Our company has been regularly certified by TÜV SÜD since 2005.
European Patent / No.: 2823958



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