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We are constantly developing new machines and tools.

Drilling head, milling head

At the moment we are testing a drilling head and a milling head on our milling machines. Both tools were developed to make production easier. A new type of docking station, which is particularly easy to use, makes a tool change unnecessary and saves time. Another advantage of the docking station is its stability, which enables even more precise work.

Tablet press

Our current main development is a tablet press for small series with an ejection up to approx. 2500 tablets per hour. This machine is especially suitable for users who press tablets on a smaller scale. Target groups include pharmacists who have their own product, as well as industry and research, where the tablet press is ideally suited for trial pressings for new products. Due to a special pressing process, this tablet press is particularly suitable for pressing natural substances in the area of nutritional supplements. Advantages of the press include absolute explosion protection, stability, easy handling, as well as a low purchase price and relatively low energy consumption. This innovation is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Drum mixer

We already offer a drum mixer to match the tablet machine. Other tablet press products are also under development.